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Alley Inc.

Clearing Passages To a Better Tommorow

About Us

Our board is vested in the ideal of Clearing Passages to A Better Tomorrow. We are holding monthly meetings in order to develop goals for our organization. Collectively, we are working towards redefining the definition of entitlement to ensure inclusion of all members of a community regardless of race, religion, economic status and education.

In addition, our organization seeks to assist young men paroled for non-violent offenses in order to assist them with after care needs and re-establishment in the community.

Our Programs

Alley Inc.

Is a non-profit organization established to assist and support young men between the ages of 16-24 years old to create better lives through collective efforts from the community to teach life skills lessons, educational counseling and provide and employment opportunity.


Our purpose is to maintain alleyways and open lots within Philadelphia and the surrounding area to provide a clear passage or right of way to police, fireman and municipal workers.


A "Right of Way" or ancient footpath (following the footpath of our ancestors through cooperation, education, pride and self-worth) in order to develop a "life skills" program to assist them in their daily lives.

We welcome your interest in our organization. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, mentor or guest speaker please contact us.

We look Forward to hearing from you!

Mailing Address:

PO BOX 9139

Philadelphia, Pa 19139

Email Address:

[email protected]